Ain Shams University confirms that no injuries were caused by the fire of the female doctors of El-Demerdash Hospital

Ain Shams University confirms that there were no injuries due to the limited fire that broke out in the housing of female doctors at Demerdash Hospital of Ain Shams University, where hospital security and civil protection managed to control the limited fire that broke out around 11.35 minutes on Thursday evening 16-1-2020 in the doctors housing, one of the workers left the kettle on, which led to its melting, charring, and roasting of parts of the room's furniture.

The situation has been completely controlled by hospital security and civil protection, and criminal laboratory equipment continues to examine the effects of the fire to determine its causes accurately. The university confirms that the investigation is ongoing and will hold the perpetrator and the negligent person who led to this limited fire, to account.

  • Jan 19, 2020