Inauguration of the literacy project headquarters at Faculty of Al-Alsun

Prof. Dr. Salwa Rashad, Dean of Al-Alsun College at Ain Shams University, received Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, accompanied by Dr. Ashour Al-Omari, President of the Public Authority for Adult Education, and Dr. Islam Al-Saeed, Director of the Education Center The adults at the university, where the headquarters of the literacy project was opened in the college, as well as research on the latest steps taken by the college in order to enhance the values ​​of volunteering and the spirit of cooperation among students of the scientific departments of the college through their community participation in this national project, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Yamna Safwat, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Ashraf Attia, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Research, Prof. Dr. Nasser Abdel Aal, Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs, Dr. Nahed Rachel, the Hebrew language teacher and project coordinator at the faculty.

During his speech, Prof. Dr. Nazmi Abdel Hamid praised the steps taken by the college administration in order to advance this project, which aims for students of Ain Shams universities to eradicate the illiteracy of a number of individuals according to specific timetables set by the colleges participating in the project.

Prof. Dr. Salwa Rashad, Dean of the College, expressed the faculty students' enthusiasm for their sense of responsibility towards their college and their homeland, and praised their strong awareness of their effective societal role, and suggested that the definition of the project be a key focus in the introductory meeting organized by the faculty for new students at the beginning of each academic year, provided that With the presence of representatives from the Adult Education Authority and the Adult Education Center at Ain Shams University, so that new students feel the extent of the project's credibility and the seriousness of participating in its implementation.

Prof. Dr. Yomna Safwat, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development, affirmed the sector’s interest in this national project, and the seriousness of the coordinators of the scientific departments to carry out their awareness and coordination role with the college’s administration, and expressed the sector’s intention to allocate incentive in-kind prizes to students in addition to the adult education staff rewards and the university reward in order to encourage them to continue the project successfully.

  • Aug 12, 2020